Instalar ROM MoDaCo Custom ROM with HTC Sense en NexusOne

11 Acá les dejo una de las mejores Rom para el NexusOne, MoDaCo Custom ROM with HTC Sense (Desire ROM).

Tras el salto les dejo descriptas todas la mejoras y los pasos a seguir para instalarla en su NexusOne, si realizan los pasos del manual como debe ser no tendrán ningún problema. Alpha 10 Now includes Teknologist's TCK 0.5.

Minor config tweaks to bring config closer to that of the original Bravo after we obtained stock Bravo config. Minor updates to boot image, should fix issues with key backlights and repeat notifications. Also adds flashing LED for notifications. Alpha 9 Repacked boot image, including TCK 0.4, to avoid flashing issue.

Minor kernel config tweaks. 'Car Home' included by request. Bootsound removed - it will be an optional extra in the kitchen.

It was annoying me.  Alpha 8 Hugely, HUGELY, optimised for space. Only the framework sits on /data now (and there's 12MB free on system currently!), and I foresee that with more work, we might even be able to fit everything on /system! dalvik-cache moved to /cache, this frees up a ton of space on /data .32 Custom kernel by myself and teknologist with undervolt for low frequencies only, our usual modules etc.

for VPN, tun and the like, props to persiansown for the UC source and cyanogen for the kernel git - this should fix Bluetooth! USB mount app preinstalled Maps 4 port by Brut preinstalled which adds multitouch and non US navigation (both tested) Gallery 3D app from Nexus One preinstalled (multitouch tested and working) Added default android keyboard with voice search - also fixes voice search issues! Added alternate news widget from Nexus One (GenieWidget) Online kitchen for MoDaCo Ad Free / Plus members (see my sig for deets) Slimmed down customize directory with added en-US - thanks qteknology for the inspiration.

All the space counts! Alpha 7 Fixed issue with ringtones list Alpha 6 Changes to try and resolve random reboots Alpha 5 Fixed white screen on boot, wifi and update-script issues Fixed graphical glitching Alpha 1-4 Disastrous Pasos a seguir para Instalarla: En caso de no ser root, realizar el proceso tal y como se indica en (esto solo debe hacerse una vez, no es necesario repetir este paso en la instalación de otras roms) Despues instalar el recovery siguiendo este tutorial: Bajar la rom desde y copiarla a la raiz de la sd. Despues entrar al recovery (con el movil apagado, pulsar la tecla de volumen y encender, y dentro de ese menú, entrar en recovery). Una vez en el recovery, hacer wipe (la primera opcion dentro de wipe) Despues de hacer wipe, elegir flash zip from sd card, y seleccionar la rom ke hemos copiado anteriormente. Una vez flasheada, reinicias, y ya tienes la ROM instalada en tu NexusOne..