Rom Enomther 1.9.2 para NexusOne

11 Aqui les dejo la ultima version de la Rom Enomther para NexusOne, una de las mas fluidas, estables y completas que hay en este momento.

De echo muchos han decidido volver de Android 2.2 Froyo a esta version Enomther que esta basada en Android 2.1 debido a su estabilidad y velocidad. Tras el salto les dejo todas las especificaciones y los archivo y pasos necesarios. 5/16/2010 - v1.9.2 - fixed - 3MP bug in stock camera, it now has 5MP option. PLEASE NOTE: If you tried the HTCCamera as a result of lack of 5MP on stock. PLEASE uncheck the HTC Camera in SpareParts, this reinstalls the stock camera.

Then upgrade to 1.9.2. .......... This will ensure everything gels properly. Last NOTE: v1.9.1 Theme templates are still valid, and the resulting theme metamorphs are as well. 5/15/2010 - v1.9.1 - updated kernel to --- kernel include's pershoot's Increased Volume AudioMOD (others were involved in the original inspiration/work on this, I just chose pershoot's implementation, ty) --- kernel include's pershoot's original OC/UV settings (not the newer 925, etc) (Note: If you don't mess with the CPU settings in SpareParts, you're still at stock speed, etc  ) - added - Options for the AlarmClock in Spareparts/Applications --- a require unlock pattern option to dismiss/snooze (like cmmod) --- a disable dismiss button option on the alarm popup dialog (so only snooze works ) - added - option to disable ADB icon in statusbar in Spareparts - added - Winblows Media (wmv/wma) audio/vidio support - added - Stk (SimCard Toolkit) - added - optional music widget with album art and previous button (like in cmmod) (Note: it's optional, the stock widget still exists) - added - abillity to download any file via the Browser now - added - Full GIF image support - added - AdHoc Wifi Support - added - a minimized HTC framework, built-in - added - optional HTC app downloads/addons in SpareParts (these require reboot after install) --- HTC_IME (this is v25mod by [email protected], ty) (Note: This also means you can use the metamorphs found in themes section  ) --- HTC_CIME --- HTC Camera (ty to PaulObrien for this work) (Note: This replaces the stock camera, but CAN be undone/unchecked and restored ) --- HTC Teeter (ball/tilt game) - updated - Update wifi tether to v2.0.1 - updated - su/superuser to the newer ChainsDD version (ty) - fixed - FC's on Wired/Wifi Tether startup (my bad) - fixed - *HOPEFULLY* Some MMS problem on certain carriers, you'll have to let me know, as I can't test ------- Finally, there were several things that were left out of this version that I wanted to get in, but ... ------- time just didn't permit and I wanted it out today ...

there will be more to come later on.

Base Firmware: Android-2.1r2-ERE27+EPE54b-GAPPS Radio Requerido: El que tengas. SPL/Recovery Required: Amon_RA's Recovery Image SDCARD Partition Layout: Ninguna Wipe Required: Si no vienes de una version anterior de Enomther SI. - MD5: ccf8d932ebc49d0a343865369b75fafc RADIO UPDATE - (from ERE36b/EPE54b leak) - MD5: 4f680356054673368a69e3050304fe14.