Rom Enomther: TheOfficial Nexus1 para NexusOne

11 Aquí les traigo la ultima versión de la Rom Enomther: TheOfficial Nexus1 para el NexusOne.

Una excelente Rom, con gran velocidad, funciones y estabilidad entre muchas cosas más que se detallan tras el salto. - added - Community MMS MOD (optional in spareparts) --- (thx to rgv151/cyan/ruqqq/wesg/chainsdd/others) - added - StatusBar configuration options in SpareParts --- battery percentage display in statusbar (big thanks to canadiancow on this MOD) --- hide digital clock from the statusbar --- hide AlarmClock icon when an alarm is set --- display "H" (instead of 3G) icon for HSPA connection - added - Wake on Trackball Press (optional in spareparts) - (big thanks to metalhead8816 on this mod!) - added - Trackball LED lit while screen is on/active (optional in spareparts) - added - BigAnalogClock Widget option (in widget listing - normal one is still there) ----- themers take note of big_appwidget_clock_dial.png, big_appwidget_clock_hour.png -------- & big_appwidget_clock_minute.png in DeskClock.apk for theming the "BigClock" - added - mod, for Trackball/LED colors (ty Chainsdd/aosp) - added - LED/Trackball Color configurations in SpareParts --- AlarmClock --- EMail --- MMS --- Missed Call --- VoiceMail - added - Wysie's UserAgent (w/IE6 option) to Browser - added - built-in option for hotweiss' Radio SpeedMOD (optional in spareparts) - added - ability to remove certain built-in System Apps (perform in spareparts) --- AmazonMP3Store --- CarHome --- Corporate Calendar --- Development Tools --- Facebook --- Goggles --- GoogleVoice --- IMApp --- Music (in case you use something else) ------- also, NO this does not have the music app from CM, so don't ask (maybe nexttime ) --- VoiceDialer ------ these removals will be remembered through upgrades/updates and themes ------ these apps can also be re-installed via download in SpareParts - added - AT&T firmware binary - added/fixed - CPU settings now applied live w/out required reboot in spareparts - added/fixed - SpareParts now auto-rotates - updated - wifi tether to v2.0pre8 - updated - cytown's Phone MOD to v.26.1 - fixed - Wifi/Wired tether app installation problems on upgade (they will both appear now  ) - fixed - A couple Launcher2 bugs - wallpaper centering bug + appicon-text offset bug Release Name: Enomther's [ROM] TheOfficial Nexus1 Release Version: v1.7.1 Base Firmware: Android-2.1r2-ERE27+EPE54b-GAPPS Radio Required: El que tienes instalado (recomendable instalar el que dejo mas abajo) SPL/Recovery Required: The SPL that came with your Nexus1 (Unlocked/Rooted) Amon_RA's Recovery Image SDCARD Partition Layout: Ninguna Wipe Required: Si no vienes de una rom de la saga Enomother debes hacerlo Special instructions: See POST #2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FEATURES - TheOfficial kernel --- Stable --- compiled w/gcc-4.4.0 --- compcache/linuxswap --- NetFilter - iptables/tethering support (wired/usb & wireless) --- ext2/3/4, cifs, fuse, aufs2 --- squash, misc-other-fs support --- ipv6 support --- tun and ipsec support - De-ODEX'd apk/framework (for theme-ing and other alterations) - automatic ext2/3/4 filesystem checking and mounting on startup --- Apps2SD supported, but not on by default ...

use SpareParts app to set it up. - optional dalvik-cache to /cache - use SpareParts - Smoother/better autobrightness levels - custom startup execution (if /data/local/ exists) - 360 degree rotation (optional) - FLAC audio support - clean reboot/shutdown services - updated apn-list - dns/resolv.conf - included binaries --- linked up busybox --- telnetd --- nano --- dropbear --- flash_image --- extXfs tools --- iptables --- htop --- powertop --- bash --- various others - included apps --- GoogleApps --- Modded SpareParts (use this to setup most features on TheOfficial) --- Modded Launcher2 (with options) --- CyTown's Phone MOD (optional) --- Wysie's Browser MOD (FullScreen/Hidezoom Button options) --- Wysie's WyContacts (optional) --- International character AOSP Keyboard (optional) --- Android IM App (AIM, MSN, Yahoo support) --- CorpCal (Exchange Calender support) --- WifiTether for RootUsers --- WiredTether for RootUsers (for usb tethering) --- Development App from AOSP --- su/Superuser - included scripts --- lucid --- rwsystem/rosystem (to mount readonly/readwrite /system) --- recboot (to reboot into recovery quickly) DESCARGAS - MD5: 0df2f1e2f1b46843a8286b33e5b85421 - OC/UV kernel + HTC_Camera Addon for 1.8.1 RADIO UPDATE - (from ERE36b/EPE54b leak) - MD5: 4f680356054673368a69e3050304fe14.