Rom KiNgxKxNexus Desire2Nexus para NexusOne

11 Aquí les traigo la ultima Rom que ha salido para el NexusOne.

KiNgxKxNexus Desire2Nexus 1.0 ha sido creada en base a la Rom 2.1 de Modaco.

Presenta una gran velocidad y estabilidad, como verán en el vídeo corre muy fluida. Tras el salto todas las características de esta Rom. HACER FULL WIPE ANTES DE INSTALAR DESCARGAR KiNgxKxNexus Desire2Nexus 1.0 Changelog Version 1.0 - Based off of latest dump from Modaco *thanks a bunch man* - Now using my latest nexus kernel #7! *FAST* - BFS has been replaced by good ol reliable CFS - Kernel is undervolted now! - Kernel is still 1.113 Ghz capable! - Fixing Permissions on each boot - Added my tools to init.d - Camera working 100% - Camera flash pretty close to spot on - Default Wallpaper changed - Updated su - Updated superuser.apk - Added more live wallpapers - Added more tools to /bin - Added latitude widget - Moved a handful of apps to /data - Added HTC navipanel - Added smiley hack to HTC_IME *credits are in settings* - Optional a2sd cleaned up and still working - Use to enable a2sd after rebooting your device - Trackball mods *thanks ChainsDD* - Dalvik cache is on /cache now *thanks to Modaco and team, thanks* - Added latest Google Maps - Multi touch now working in Google Maps - More I will add Version 0.4 - Fastest version yet - NEW King Kernel #5 - Using BFS 315 - Back to deadline as primary I/O scheduler - Camera now has 5MP! *thanks a bunch modaco/teknologist!* - Camera Flash getting better - Removed teeter - Updated ramdisk - Changed default background  (you'll see) - Added option to select United States in Setup Wizard - Slow cleaning up the build... Version 0.3 - Fully Optimized entire build - Now using King Kernel #4! (2.6.33) - Can be Overclocked to 1.113 Ghz using Overclock Widget from Market - Fixed Voice Search (Ignore initial FC) - Fixed Live Wallpaper Picker *Thanks for the help Manup456* - Camera Flash now Works *little off from time to time* - LED's blink for notifications now - Using ChainsDD Lights/Trackball edits *thanks bro* - Optional a2sd is fixed.

Type "su" then "" and reboot to enable - Removed HTC FM Radio as it is broken at the moment - Updated superuser - Things I am forgetting I will add Version 0.2 - Now using KingNexusKernel #1 ! - Graphical glitches are gone *thanks paul* - Can reboot whenever now, white screen is gone - Last bits of optimization, frameworks next - Voice to Text Fixed and fully working! - GPS Working - Added Mount USB app to mount sdcard - Fixed up FSTAB for the a2sd users - Cleaned up and edited build.prop - Live wallpapers working and included (under photos) - Wireless Tether added and working - Wired Tether added and working - Flash Player - Amazon MP3 added - Things I will add Version 0.1 - Based off of the build released by Modaco, since I couldn't get the dump - Using Kmobs Undervolted kernel - Fully Optimized by yours truly, FAST - WiFi fully functioning - Testers let me know about GPS... - Native multi touch system wide - Pinch to Zoom on home screen - After reboot, gets stuck in loop..... - Network Location Fixed and fully working! - Still some graphical glitches, but its ALOT better! - Optional Apps to Sd - Using Pauls Ramdisk *thanks* - Added MANY tools into bin - Added my script "" to execute a2sd and reboot - Using the init.d method - More info to come, its Friday!.