ROM Villain2.1 para HTC Hero

11 Aquí les dejo una Rom mas para nuestro HTC Hero, en este caso se trata de VillainROM 2.1 (HTC Sense Enabled Android 2.1), la cual es muy estable y rápida.

Esta en Ingles pero pueden solucionarlo de manera fácil con la aplicación Morelocale2 disponible en el Market de Android. Tras el salto les dejo las características de esta Rom.

Esperamos sus comentarios sobres VillainROM 2.1. Added: - Chinese Keyboard - HTC PhotoWidget - 1.5 Cupcake style Dialler (quicker) - OPTIONAL Espresso-Rosie (Highly optimized & slightly altered – no bubbles!) Changes: - Camera fixed. I have just taken over 30 photographs at various settings, and it’s absolutely fine. - gapps FC fixed - HTC Sense FC fixed - (AGAIN) fixed doubling of HTC widgets - Made changes to synchronisation settings within the build - Further customised the kernel - Several memory leaks resolved (Free memory is still on the low side, but that’s to be expected with a Sense build – Instead of the 50-60mb free in 2.0.1, there’s now 70-80mb free after install. - Fixed network location for data connection (before it only worked 100% with wireless) ATTEMPTED to fix: - Exchange sync (please test) - Gmail (again, and again, and again, and again – please test) Install Steps: - Run Nandroid Backup - Flash VillainROM2.1 - Boot the phone up - Reboot/Turn off - OPTIONAL – Add Espresso Rosie Optimized (attached) So, to the VillainROM FEATURES/Working list: - It's fast for a 2.X Sense Rom - All HTC Widgets & Apps (all working, but weather is buggy) - Stock HTC Lockscreen - Google Search by Voice working perfectly - Camera works at 5MP - Network Location working - All Paid/Protected apps in market - Optimized Rosie - Nexus One Bootscreen - Facebook sync working to contacts - New HTC Browser from 2.1 - with MULTITOUCH! - Album Working - All photo functions working - Chinese Keyboard - Stable! ( Very few FC ) - JBED/Java working as it should - Root Permissions What's included as extras: - vizBattery Widget (Nice looking battery widget) - aNetShare for Wireless Tethering - Sim Toolkit To-do list: - Fix Gmail PUSH - Fix Exchange Calendar Sync? - Fix Google Nav - Add Apps2SD - Fix anything reported as an issue in 2.1 VillainROM 2.1 - AutoWipe Download!.